Seattle's Best: Desserts! ...and Where to Find Them

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

A compiled list of unpretentious, inexpensive treats for the masses. Heads up: this list contains ‘treats’ of all different kinds (I thought of you, carrot cake lovers!)

Can we have dessert every day for ALL of our meals? The ingredients in most desserts basically captures each food group, right? Okay, all kidding aside, I’m always on the hunt for Seattle’s best desserts.  It makes me happy to find something that is all parts sweet? Salty? Or just tastes damn good!

We’re lucky here in Seattle, where there are a ton of options for desserts – cafes, bakeries and tiny mom and pop restaurants.

With all of these options, I’ve realized, It’s not about where or when we consume these desserts but rather, the type of ingredients and taste (chocolate + caramel anyone?).  These options have allowed me to acquire an unhealthy excitement for finding the sweetest, chocolate-ist, tastiest treats on any menu.

Spinasee | Capitol Hill

Torta al Cioccolato. This is the PERFECT dark chocolate cake with gianduja mousse, chocolate buttercream, brutti ma buoni and pomegranate sauce.

Lark Restaurant | Capitol Hill

Maple brown butter cake with candied walnut, maple gelée and burnt cinnamon crémeux.

Cafe Champagne | Ballard

CRÈME BRÛLÉE 7. Need I say more? 

Nue Seattle | Capitol Hill

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream. Fun, festive and futuristic.

Rockcreek | Fremont

RockCreek S’mores, Valrhona chocolate mousse, graham, smoked meringue, graham tuile.  You don’t have to be an adult to consume but you probably are an adult. Please consume.

Sawyer | Ballard

Dily bars. Old, meet new school. New school, meet old. 

Homer | Beacon Hill

Soft serve ice cream with booze. Can we have all of our ice cream served with booze?

The Art of the Table | Fremont

Carrot Cake – classic with rich, creative ingredients. 

Tilikum Place Cafe | Belltown