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Candidate Testimonial: Finding the Right-fit MBA Program

Originally published on June 4th, 2021 on

Oluwaseun Adebara, an MBA applicant and The MBA Tour United States attendee, shared her experience with The MBA Tour.

Oluwaseun Adebara, who goes by Seun, already knew she wanted to pursue an MBA degree. When she saw The MBA Tour mentioned on, she decided it was a great opportunity to learn more about schools, and with any luck, find a right-fit program.

Because of the number of schools that participate, The MBA Tour was more helpful than she anticipated.

As she noted, “It is super convenient to get all your questions answered in one place – like a one-stop shop.” Seun also appreciated how seamless it was to transition from one room to another during the event.

Meeting with a large variety of schools opened up new opportunities for Seun. Because she wants to attend business school part-time while working full-time, she thought her options were limited.

As it turns out, she found a right-fit school in another state that would allow her to continue to live in her home state and attend classes online. “I’m pretty sure if I didn’t attend the tour, I would not have known that [was possible],” she said.

Seun is grateful for the experience and urges anyone who is considering business school to attend.

“The MBA Tour definitely gave me more confidence to apply. Before the tour, I knew I wanted to go [to business school], but now I’m convinced that I should go.”

Interested in The MBA Tour? Click here to find an upcoming event in your region!


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