Victor Ung

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Victor Ung is a Cannabis Wellness Coach and certified Life Coach. He is the founder of the Emotion Dojo, an online group coaching program for fulfilled Asian men seeking brotherhood and accountability in creating their ideal version of themselves from the inside out. He helps early-stage entrepreneurs and professionals who identify as an Asian male create more depth in their relationships through emotional intelligence and cannabis meditation. By disengaging from their overthinking brain, his clients develop the skills to make faster, better decisions in their social environments. Victor spoke on the Ignite Seattle stage in front of 1400 people and is the host of the Human Up podcast and co-host of the Badass Asian Dudes podcast, where he geeks out about technology, psychology, emotional health, and plant medicine. He's also the editor-in-chief for the Young Professionals of Seattle and co-organizer for 1MillionCups Seattle. He loves flying his drone, going up to the mountains to snowboard, camping in national parks, writing and reading about personal development and psychology, and hosting parties for his friends.

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