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Seattle's Best: Pizza Joints

Have you ever had that flawless slice of pizza? A combination of fresh cheese, homemade seasoned sauce, and perfectly crispy dough.  This edible masterpiece is often completed in either a wood-fired grill, baked in a traditional oven or fried (yes, fried). 

One of the great things about pizza is that it comes in many different forms, depending on the region of origin:  New York style, Chicago deep dish, Neapolitan pizza or California style (yup, that really exists). Are you a slice ‘folder’ or a fork and knife user? It doesn’t matter to us, where it was from or how it is eaten, it’s all about combination and freshness of ingredients. 

And the nominees for Seattle’s favorite pizza places (in no particular order) are

Hot Mama's | Capitol Hill

This is a NYC style pie; go with their Pepperoni “classic” or their “chefs choice”, you won’t regret this!

Delancy's | Ballard

This is wood-fired pizza at its best.  You will want to try the “white pie”, an ode to ricotta, mozzarella, garlic and grana.  For your side, there is a “pickle plate”. Your palate will thank you.

Windy City Pie | Interbay

For anyone out there who is a Chicago style pizza fan, this is the place to go.  With a 4.5 star rating on Yelp, this pizza joint does not disappoint. You might want to try one of our favorites, “Meatza”.  For anyone looking to save a buck, they have 20% off during happy hours!

Mioposto | Various Locations

This is a wood-fired magical pie ready to be consumed (in 4 different locations).  Their “La Bianca” is not only easy on the eyes, but on the stomach. Enjoy their slices, salads, sandwiches or brunch menu.

Tutta Bella | Various Locations

Well we enjoyed a ‘Last Tuesday’ at their SLU location recently and the smell of their food was enough reason for us to come back and enjoy.  Their slices are Neapolitan style – a style that is prepared with simple and fresh ingredients: a basic dough, raw tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and olive oil—no fancy toppings. Try their “Tutta Bella” slice, it’s exactly what you need.

Veraci | Various Locations

This is a wood-fired Neapolitan style pizza, aimed to please the pickiest palate. Our suggestion: try their “Seattle Summer” slice.  How can you resist a pie with Beecher’s cheese?

Via Tribunali | Various Locations

Another Neapolitan pizza that needs to be tried.  Best part, none of their pizzas come by the slice. No guilt getting a whole pie when slices don’t exists!

Rione XII | Capitol Hill

This is Ethan Stowell’s interpretation of “wood-fired roman street pizza”.  What does that mean for you? Delicious pizza that is wood-fired and has yummy ingredients.  Our suggestion is to try the “wild mushroom option”. Mushroom heaven!

Proletariat Pizza | White Center

It’s the pizza place that made White Center famous! Their pies are thin crust and made with fresh ingredients. Since you can’t go wrong with a ‘soft egg’ on a pie, we suggest their “Ham and Egg”.

Pizzeria Credo | West Seattle

All of their pies are made with homemade mozzarella and baked in a wood-fired oven, burning apple tree wood from Yakima.  We suggest you try the Cinque Formaggi – a combination of mozzarella, ricotta, Parmigiano, Reggiano, Fantina, goat cheese Basil, extra Virgin Olive Oil, yum!

Which one is your favorite?


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