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Member Spotlight: MyLe Goel




COMPANY: Flight Live


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MyLe Goel is the founder & CEO of Flight Live, Inc. which is a company focused on improving the health and well-being of people now and as they age through tech-enabled live, interactive mobile experiences.  Flight Live’s initial product is Flight, a personal fitness platform that connects clients with a marketplace of elite fitness trainers through a customized video platform that allows busy professionals to workout whenever and wherever they want, whether they’re at home or on the road.   

MyLe received her undergraduate degree from Smith College (MA) and her graduate degree from Harvard University (Cambridge, MA). MyLe founded Flight for everyone who wants to be stronger, healthier and happier now and as we get older.

More about MyLe:

If you were the CEO of your company, what things would you make compulsory, and what’s one thing you would ban?

Since I am the CEO of my own company, what I have banned are 24-7 work weeks. I am not a proponent of the ‘work at all costs’ model. I believe in working smarter; not longer. I guess that would be my answer to the compulsory question, too. Ban 24-7 working and mandate work life balance.

What do you NOT want to be doing in five years?

These are simple things but I do not want to be filling out spreadsheets in five years or revising slide decks ad infinitum.

What’s the first thing you bought with your own money?

The first thing I bought with all my hard-earned money was my cello! I was so happy that I’d worked so hard to buy my very own cello after renting one for many years. I’ve since sold it – to another young Vietnamese-American cellist so, I feel like everything came full circle.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

It’s really hard to choose but Vietnam, Australia, Spain or Italy are up there. It’s got to have easy access to sun and bodies of water/islands.

What’s one (or two) things people would say you do really well?

Strategic planning, execution and connecting people.

What do you need the most help with? I’m building a company and I’d love for people to sign up and use the platform. If you are too busy, hate the gym or exercising, need lots of motivation and want to work out with amazing trainers, try Flight ( We are offering a very special offer for YPOS members only! You’ll get your first month FREE for up to 8 sessions and if you subscribe, we’ll ship you a special Welcome Kit or Deluxe Welcome Kit depending on the subscription level. You can sign up on our website and type in the Code: YPO-SEA. We don’t use pre-recorded videos; we use real people. Or if you know some amazing trainers or yoga instructors or have questions, send them our way (


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