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Women's Leadership Conference- Session 3

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Bellevue Chamber of Commerce

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Women leaders bring valuable and unique perspectives to businesses in all industries. Join the Women's Leadership Conference to learn from successful business leaders as they discuss issues women face in business today and how to prepare for future success.

Our interactive four-part virtual conference, Presented by Symetra, brings local and internationally recognized women leaders together to share their insights on some of the most important subjects facing women in the workforce today.

The best investment anyone can make is in themselves.

Mental and financial wellness go hand-in-hand. One inevitably impacts the other both positively and negatively.

The Partners Group's, Chase Sterling will share her years of experience mentoring organizations on employee and personal wellbeing. Key Private Bank's Senior Vice President and Regional Investment Consultant, Jennie Tyndall, and Senior Vice President and Regional Family Wealth Strategist, Lisa Clifford, will help lay the foundations for financial health.

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