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The Hot Seat: Tonita Webb | EVP @ Seattle Credit Union

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The Fireside Chat

The Hot Seat (Fireside Chat) is a moderated conversation featuring leaders and people of influencers from the business community and public sector. By highlighting stories of success (primarily from women and people of color), this event is designed to be an inspirational, mentorial resource for entrepreneurs and professionals.

About Your Guest:

As the COO of Seattle Credit Union $934 million in assets, Tonita oversees most of the day to day operations of the organization, but even beyond the mechanics of the credit union, Tonita leads the organization’s corporate culture to provide a path for personal prosperity for its members, communities, and employees.

Tonita Webb an Air Force veteran, an MBA and mother of four, leads by example and gives herself freely to her community work. She currently serves on boards for non-profits like Southeast Effective Development (SEED), and social enterprises like Pioneer Human Services. She is a champion of Diversity and Inclusion and is a frequent public speaker on the subject.

As important as her credentials are, the empathy and compassion Tonita learned being raised by her single mother in low-income housing projects in Virginia. Her mother’s work ethic has inspired her to lead whether serving her country, her employers, or her customers.

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4:15 - 4:45pm: Guests Arrive / Networking
4:45 - 5:30pm: Fireside Chat Discussion
5:30 - 6:00pm: Audience Q&A

About Your Host, Rubelyn Chu:

Rubelyn Chu is the Co-Founder of Access2, a sourcing and staffing marketplace that operates in tandem with community organizations. We help ensure that space is occupied by providing opportunity through events and storytelling through our unique platform, one of them being sports.

Rubelyn is part of the Alumni Advisory Board and Advisee in the Entrepreneurship Program at Northwest University and is a mentor to local high school and college students and in the local startup community. When she isn’t working, she can be found in the gym, going on road trips/traveling or with family and friends.

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