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The Black Experience in Seattle

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The Seattle Human Rights Commission

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For many, comfort lies in the privileges they experience, the powers they exercise, and the convenience of not being in a group of “those others.” We live in a country that was founded on equality for some and the promise of equality for others. We live in a country that has never lived up to the concept and manifestation of freedom and justice for all.

In the midst of ecological crisis, a global pandemic, a recession, and a racial justice uprising, we are all going through an awakening. The Seattle Human Rights Commission invites us to a panel discussion on the Black experience in Seattle, confronting that we exist in a country, state, county, and city that fails to ensure that all of us have equitable and equal access to our human rights. Martin Luther King, Jr. reminds us that “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.” Audre Lord recognizes that “there is no single issue struggle.” Join this vital and urgent conversation about how we are not free and liberated until all peoples are free and liberated—and how collective liberation cannot come in part, but must come intersectionality and all at once.

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