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Unheard Stories of

Casual Discrimination

Tali Kiboigo

Son | Brother | Husband | Father

...take off that wig."
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I was 21, summer time, new job. I had short hair...decided to grow my hair so I could get it braided in winter.

After having braids for several months I went to work with my big natural afro. As I was just starting work, a manager came up to me and told me to "take off that wig" ...I chuckled awkwardly. Thinking it was just another ignorant joke I went back to work. The manager stood there and said they were serious..."take off that wig".

Now I was confused and said, "this is my REAL hair". As I turned around again to go back to work...I felt a tug on the back of my head, strong enough to make me jerk back. I turned around, shocked that another person (an adult) had pulled my hair! Before I knew what I was doing, I had brushed my hand through my managers hair.....oh yea, and the manager was a white woman...

"What are you doing?!" She yelled.  

Thinking that it could be my last day of that job I answered back, "What are YOU doing!?!"

I didn't get fired and that was the first and LAST time anybody ever tried to touch my hair at work.

-Tali Kiboigo

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