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Casual Discrimination

Rosie Widell

To my dad and my Grandma Rosie

good thing you got those before some Mexican
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The first year I moved to Seattle from Southern California I didn’t have very many Christmas decorations. Being a young, 20-something I was on a budget so I decided to check out the selection at Value Village second hand store. I was AMAZED at how many great decorations they had! I bought a ton of stuff and put them up at my apartment the same day. 

Later that night I had some new friends over. I was ranting and raving about all the decorations I bought when one of my friend’s boyfriend said, “well it’s a good thing you got those before some Mexican swooped them up.” 

I froze for a beat and then responded, “...but I am Mexican.” 

He back pedaled a little and said, “no, you know what I mean!” 

I responded and said, “no, I don’t.” 

This was the first of many micro-aggressions towards Hispanics I’ve experienced in the Pacific Northwest. And for the record, I still don’t know what he meant!

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