Unheard Stories of

Casual Discrimination

Justine Locke

...did you do something with your hair today? Looks like you used one of those fro-picks!"

As a para-professional assistant to the Administrators at the high school I served, I endured countless micro-aggressions from the lips of the Principal. One day, as I entered my office, across the hall from his (another story for another time), he called me into his office to tell me my hair looked different from it's usual ponypuff.

He: "Did you do something different to your hair?"

Me: "I just wore it out."

He: "Oh! Looks like you used one of those fro-picks like they used to use back when I was in school."  What do you do with that?

'They' who? 


And you called me into your office to spotlight me like that? ...And so. Much. More.

-Justine Locke

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