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Casual Discrimination

Brionna Kraft

Mother | Sister | Daughter | Business Owner

JC.jpg're pretty for a Black girl."

Growing up where I did, there weren’t a lot of black people. The amount of times I've heard   "[insert "compliment" here] ...for a black person" is unreal.

Telling me (or anyone) that they are pretty for a black girl, is at best an ignorant, backhanded compliment; but simply put, it's saying black people aren’t expected to be pretty.

Further, a lot of people have told me that, because I’m half black, that I shouldn't be offended.

I will not be apologetic for the color of my skin or grateful for surpassing their racist expectations. Complimenting me like this lets me know that they believe they are above me, and is a clear indication of the bias that still exists.

-Brionna Kraft


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