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Unheard Stories of

Casual Discrimination

Becca R


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I debated on sharing this because an internal fear of being found out and fired has been one of my biggest concerns. 

I began working at this major tech company a year ago.  My gut told me there was something off, but I didn't listen. I wanted a full time position so badly that I was willing to look past the bad energy I had felt. 

Flash forward to 2 months ago, I was in the middle of a pandemic, rushing to complete my work and being micromanaged by my then-boss. 

He was more covert. His insults came but were sneaky. "Why can X do this task but you cant?" 

It started off small enough up until I was sending him end of the week email updates that he wouldn't read, schedule 1:1's that were supposed to be 15 minutes that turned into nearly an hour.  He would never read my updates but always ask me to walk him through every aspect of my work even though I had never been opaque about what I had done.  

When I found out he was being replaced, I wept, I danced, I cried. I knew that I hadn't gotten to be where I was by accident, but between having a coworker throw me under the bus, a boss asking me to provide updates hourly when i was on 4 separate projects and onboarding other new hires. 

How could I be such a terrible employee but trusted to do this much of his work? 

I'm not afraid anymore and I hope this serves as a learning lesson, not just for me but my gut. I ignore it so often and this could hopefully flag someone in the future. 

Your worth is not determined by some weird productivity bar. Each tech company is inconsistent. The only thing consistent is your determination .

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